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The Dallas Cowboys are a professional American football team based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. They are members of the National Football League and compete in the National Football Conference East division. Founded in 1925, the Cowboys have been one of the most popular sports teams in the country. The team has won three Super Bowls, four NFC West division championships, and has become a staple in the Dallas sports scene.

The team was in the playoffs in 1974 and 1975, but the team finished the season 3-7. In the Wild Card round, they beat the Buccaneers, before falling to the Packers in the Divisional round. They advanced to the Conference championship game for the third consecutive year, but were eliminated in the Division round by the Washington Redskins. While the team is considered to be one of the best in the NFL, it has been criticized for the poor performance of its quarterback, Drew Bledsoe.

The Dallas Cowboys’ uniforms have undergone several changes. The team’s first uniform was blue, which has become the team’s official color. Since then, the Dallas Cowboys have worn blue versions of past jerseys. And they have generally had success in those. However, Schramm does not believe that the color of the jersey has a curse on the team, saying it is only a coincidence.

The team was in the middle of an inconsistent season, and their first home victory since 1988 was a rare triumph. The team was 2-7 in the next nine games, and then won four of their last six games. In the end, they finished fourth in the NFC East. However, there are still some bright spots in the team’s history, and this season was no exception. There is no doubt that the Dallas Cowboys are the talk of the town. If you’re planning to visit the city, be sure to check out the stadium.

During the 1970 season, the Dallas Cowboys were led by quarterback Craig Morton and had a record-breaking season. They defeated the Detroit Lions in the NFL’s lowest-scoring playoff game, then beat San Francisco 17-10 in the NFC Championship game. They also went on to win three straight division games, beating Atlanta and NFC rivals Philadelphia. However, they lost their slim hold on the first place in the NFC East division after losing to the New York Giants and San Diego 49ers.

The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960, and have a strong national following. The team has played 190 consecutive games, including the Super Bowl, and has won eight NFC championships, tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for second most in the league. So far, the team has been on the winning side of the playoffs in five of their past six seasons. If you’re wondering how the Cowboys got to that point, you’ve got to know a bit about the Dallas Cowboys’ history.

The Dallas Cowboys have been successful in drafting and signing talented players over the years. They allowed DeMarco Murray to become a free agent, and he ended up signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. Dez Bryant, who signed a five-year, $70 million contract in 2016, has a great chance of playing a major role on the team this year. However, there are some concerns over the defense of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys made history during the 1992 season. They started the season with a 24-17 win over the defending Super Bowl champion New England Redskins and ended the season with a 12-4 record. In the playoffs, they beat the Philadelphia Eagles 34-10. Then, they played the San Francisco 49ers and won the NFC championship game for the first time since 1978. However, they would eventually lose to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants in the divisional round.

After their first losing season in 20 years, the Cowboys went on to win two Super Bowls under head coach Roger Staubach. The team was so popular with fans that the Cowboys even featured scantily clad cheerleaders. The team was even nicknamed “America’s Team”. They were a perennial title contender during this time, and many young talent joined the ranks. Some of the notable players from the Landry era included wide receiver Michael Irvin, guard Nate Newton, and running back Tony Dorsett.

The Cowboys were six-ten in 1997 and began to lose steam when the off-field issues involving discipline started affecting the team. Marshall was the lone vote against Murchison, who subsequently hired Chan Gailey to be the new head coach. Gailey managed the Cowboys to two postseason appearances, but lost to the Cardinals in the NFC East playoffs. And while it was a close game, the Cowboys still pushed through to the playoffs and finished 11-5.

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